Common Code Violations

High Weeds 2.1

Tall grass and weeds detract from curb appeal and lead to an unhealthy lawn.  Criminals will often case homes with tall grass and weeds because they have a higher likelihood of being unoccupied.

Litter 2.3

Litter is unsightly, dirty and can smell, terribly.  Materials left to rot are a breeding ground for bacteria. Litter can have a direct impact on the health of  humans and animals.

Junked Motor Vehicles 2.2

Junked motor vehicles lead to blight and decreased property values.  In certain circumstances, they create safety hazards to motorists and pedestrians.

Outside Storage 2.5

Illegal outside storage includes but is not limited to the accumulation of the following items:  trash, debris, furniture, equipment, car parts and business inventory.  Hazardous materials stored improperly can be a fire hazard. 

Bulky Trash 2.4

Bulky trash consisting of large items for disposal becomes unsightly when left out for long periods of time.  When placed outside far in advance of scheduled pick-up days, bulky trash can end up in the road, pedestrian walkways and on other's property creating a public nuisance.

Other common code violations include: 

illegal dumping, street/alley sidewalk obstructions, graffiti, substandard structures and signs in the right-of-way.