Feedback on Proposed Collin McKinney Statue

2/2 Update

Thank you for sharing your input with the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Commission, neighbors. The Commission is currently going through all of your feedback to discuss further at an upcoming 2021 meeting. The Commission welcomes you to attend and provide any other feedback or resources related to the statue at that time. 


In the Summer of 2019, a statue of Collin McKinney was donated to the City of Anna. The City Council accepted it with the understanding that it would be placed in Sherley Heritage Park. 

Over the past year, communities throughout the United States have undergone discussions about which individuals in our country's history are appropriate to honor with statues and what significance the physical location of those statues has for the greater communities they reside in. 

Collin McKinney is an important individual in Texas history, being one of five individuals who drafted the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico. Because of his role in the formal Declaration of Independence of Texas, and having resided in the area, Collin County and the City of McKinney are both named after him. As with many individuals from the Country’s past whose place in the public square have been reconsidered, Collin McKinney was also a slaveowner. 

The City Council tasked the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Commission with coming up with a recommendation as to whether the statue should go up on city property. 

Neighbors - the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Commission would like to hear from you. Please fill out the short survey linked below with your perspective on the statue for the Commission to review.

Survey on Proposed Collin McKinney Statue (Closed)

Nonprofits, Historical Societies, Advocacy Groups, or other groups with expertise or knowledge on this issue that want to provide information to the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Commission - please submit the materials you would like to share with the Commission to the link below for the Commission to review. 

Materials on Collin McKinney and/or Statues to Be Provided to the Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Commission (Closed) 

Thank you for taking the time to participate. The results will be discussed at a future Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Commission meeting. Further discussions on the statue may take place at an upcoming Parks Advisory Board meeting and upcoming City Council meeting.