Sherley Heritage Park

About the Park

Sherley Heritage Park is Anna's most historical park celebrating Anna's location along the rail line. Located at the corner of Sherley Avenue and 4th Street, the park features a community-built, train-themed playground, newly restored train depot and pavilion.


101 S. Sherley Ave


Current amenities and amenities under development in Sherley Heritage Park include: 

  • Large pavilion 
  • Community-built, train-themed playground
  • Restored train depot
  • Restrooms
  • Mogul Locomotive

To reserve the large pavilion at Sherley Heritage, visit our Parks Reservation website.

Phase 2 Proposed Concepts

A proposed concept plan for upgrades to Sherley Heritage Park has been approved by City Council. Some upgrades will include:

  • Old Country Town Style Platform Canopy/Benches/Lighting
  • Brick paving and edging on concrete walls
  • Metal picket fence to surround the park
  • Paint existing tanks
  • Historic interpretive(s)


Hours of general park use shall normally be from one hour before dawn until 11:00 p.m. City parks shall be open for the public every day of the year during designated hours, except during unusual and/or unforeseen emergencies.

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