Division Overview


Utility Operations Division

3223 N. Powell Parkway
Anna, Texas 75409

Ph: (972)-924-4510


Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
The Utility Operation division is responsible for the supply and treatment of potable drinking water and the transport and treatment of wastewater.

Our City water system is supplied through a combination of treated surface water from North Texas Municipal Water District and well water from multiple wells in our community.

The City of Anna is a member of the Collin Grayson Municipal Alliance (CGMA).  The four members of the CGMA are Anna, Melissa, Van Alstyne, and Howe.  The four cities all receive treated surface water from North Texas Municipal Water District through a system managed by the Greater Texoma Utility Authority (GTUA).  The GTUA manages a pump station in McKinney, Texas, a large diameter water main from McKinney to Howe, and storage tanks in both Howe and McKinney.  This infrastructure is what brings the treated surface water to the CGMA cities.

Water Treatment
The Utility Operations Division of the Public Works Department routinely monitors our drinking water for potential contaminants.  All sampling, testing, and treatment of drinking water is done in accordance with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality standards.  These standards ensure that public drinking water is safe for our neighbors.


Our City wastewater is treated through a combination of treatment plants. Anna's John R. Geren Wastewater Treatment Plant treats up to 500,000 gallons per day of wastewater.  Flows in excess of 500,000 gallons are diverted and sent through the City of Melissa to the North Texas Municipal Water District Wilson Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant in McKinney.