Applications / Permits


Effective October 1st, 2018, all fire-related permits, fire-related plan submittals, and fire-related operational permits will be coordinated by the Life Safety Division of the Anna Fire Department.

Examples of operational permits include: Aerosol Products, High-Rack Storage, High-Piled Storage, Hazardous Materials, Fireworks/Pyrotechnics, Tent/Membrane Structures, Amusement Rides, and Food Trucks.

The Planning Department will no longer accept fire submittals after 10/1/2018. Please visit the fire department page for details or call 972-924-2143.

Thank you.


The city has filing requirements for each of the following developmental activities:

  • Annexation (PDF) - Request to be included inside the city limits of Anna.
  • Backflow Prevention Test Form- This document required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is for all testable backflow devices installed concerning the protection of the potable water supply system.
  • Building Permit (PDF) - Request to build, alter, or add on to an existing or new structure.
  • Contractor Registration (PDF) - Licensed contractors must register with the city of Anna before a permit can be issued. To register with the city Request to register as a subcontractor, the subcontract must provide the information in accordance with his/her registration type. For more information see the Anna Code of Ordinances view Part II, Article 8, Section 2 - Registration of Contractors.
  • CO or Certificate of Occupancy (PDF) - A Certificate of Occupancy must be applied for and issued before any commercial building is occupied. This permit becomes null and void if work or construction authorized is commenced within 60 days, or if construction or work is suspended or abandoned for a period of 120 days at any time after work is commended.
  • Electrical Permit (PDF) - Request to make electrical additions or changes to a new or existing facility.
  • Fence Permit (PDF) - When fences are constructed or replaced, they must comply with Part 3C, Section 40.03 of the Anna Code of Ordinances.
  • Master Permit (PDF)  - Request for Master Permitting for Residential Permits
  • Mechanical Permit (PDF) - A request to make mechanical additions or changes to a new or existing facility.
  • Plat Application (PDF) - An application requesting subdividing or platting of property prior to development.
  • Plumbing Permit (PDF) - A request to make plumbing additions or changes to a new or existing facility.
  • Sign Permit or Copy Change (PDF) - Request for approval of new signs or alterations of existing signs
  • Tree Removal Permit (PDF) - Request for removal of trees
  • Variance Request (PDF) - A request to vary a specific zoning requirement that is not a self imposed hardship.
  • Zoning Request (PDF) - A request to change the zone designation to allow for different land uses.

Fee Schedule (PDF)

Commercial Building Packet (PDF)

- This packet includes all necessary information to develop a commercial property within the city of Anna.

Residential Building Packet (PDF)

- This packet includes all necessary information to develop a residential property within the city of Anna.

Many of the forms that Planning and Development utilizes can be accessed above. Please call 972-924-2616 if you are unsure about any form that pertains to your project. A project or request cannot be acted on until the appropriate application has been completed.