Development Regulations

The Planning & Development Department reviews and makes recommendations on the subdivision of land (platting), zoning requests, and site plans based on the adopted regulations. 

To find the regulations, please go to the City of Anna’s Code of Ordinances hosted through Franklin Publishing. The following articles can be found in Chapter 9 Planning and Development Regulations.

  • 9.02 Subdivision Ordinance*
  • 9.03 Design Standards**
  • 9.04 Zoning Ordinance*
  • 9.05 Sign Regulations 
  • 9.07 Tree Preservation Ordinance*

To access Planned Development Ordinances, visit the Interactive Zoning Map

* Recent changes have been made to these sections which may not be updated on the Franklin Legal Publishing Site. Please see the documents below.

**9.03 Design Standards is now available through the Anna Engineering Design Standards document below.

Recent Ordinance Amendments

  1. Article 9.02 - Subdivision Regulations Adopted 9/26/2023
  2. Article 9.03 Design Standards (Anna Engineering Design Standards)
  3. Article 9.04 - Zoning Ordinance Adopted 8/22/2023
  4. Article 9.05 - Sign Ordinance Adopted 9/26/2023
  5. Article 9.06 - Landscape Regulations Repealed 8/22/2023. The Landscape regulations are now within the Zoning Ordinance.
  6. Article 9.07 - Tree Preservation Ordinance Adopted 8/8/2023
Points for Neighborhood Design Guidelines