Important Information and Links

Accident Reports for Citizens

If you have been involved in a traffic collision and did not report it to the police, you should report it to the State of Texas using the CR-2 "driver's crash report." Generally, if you left the scene of an accident, there is no investigation for the police to conduct and they will not file a report for you after the fact. If your insurance company tells you that you need a police report to file your claim, you will have to use the CR-2 which is on the TxDOT website.

Animal Control

The City of Anna has contracted with Collin County Animal Control Services for animal related issues in the City. You may call them at 972-547-7292. Dial 9-1-1 for Emergencies after-hours. Access the CCACS website.

House Watch

The Anna Police Department offers a house watch service when residents are out of town. Officers will check on your home or business as many times as call-load will allow during the watch period. The House Watch Request Form is here. Just print, fill it out, and drop it by or fax it to us at 972-924-3162.

Neighborhood Watch

The purpose of the Neighborhood Watch program is to organize neighbors and bring them together in order to make them more vigilant about what transpires in their neighborhood. Neighborhood watches help reduce the fear and incidence of crime, thus making our city a safer place to live, work, and play. If you would like to organize a neighborhood watch program in your area, please contact email Lt  Pete Copin or call at 972-924-2848. For more information, read more.


Do you have a burglar alarm on your premises? It is against City Ordinance to have an unregistered alarm within the City's limits. False alarms are also regulated. Please register your alarm and ensure that the alarm is operating properly by trained staff. Is your Burglar Alarm permit for a residence (PDF) or a business (PDF)?

FINGERPRINTS & Background Checks

If you need fingerprints for a pre-employment background check, passport, or other, the Collin County Sheriff's Office can do it for you at their detention facility located at 4300 Community Boulevard in McKinney. This service sometimes involves a long wait and is by appointment only. More information from DPS on fingerprints: here Criminal background checks can be obtained through the Texas DPS only.


Thieves and scammers frequently use the internet to reach potential victims or Emails are sent out that are intended to scare people. Hoax Busters is an excellent source of information on hoaxes as is Snopes.

Victim's Assistance

If you have been the victim of a crime you can access victim information from the Texas Attorney General's Office. If you need to reach a rape crisis hotline, please contact the The Turning Point center. The telephone number is 800-886-7273.

Family Violence and Protective Orders

If you have been the victim of family violence, there is information about protective orders.

Child Visitation Information

My ex-spouse will not comply with the court order and let me see my child. What do I do? (PDF)

Police Department Racial Profiling Reports

2015 Report (PDF)
2016 Report (PDF)

Anna Police Department Bias-Based Policy

Racial Profiling Policy (PDF)

Identity Theft

Federal Trade Commission