New Utility Service

An application and $150 deposit are required for water, sewer, and trash service. Your deposit is held until service is terminated, upon which the final bill is taken out of the deposit and a refund is issued (if applicable).  An additional $50 fee is required for a CO inspection.  *See additional details below.  A $10 turn on fee is applied to the 1st month's water bill as a one time fee.

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Pay deposit for new utility account and certificate of occupancy
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New Resident Welcome Packet
Welcome Packet (PDF)


Certificate of Occupancy

*Beginning January 1, 2010 a Certificate of Occupancy (PDF) will be required prior to changing the occupant of an existing single family home (including manufactured and mobile homes) or duplex living unit in the City of Anna. An approved Residential Certificate of Occupancy Application will be required before a new city utility account will be activated.  The cost for a Certificate of Occupancy Inspection is $50.  YOU MUST PAY THE $50 FEE AND OBTAIN THE INSPECTION FORM FROM OUR OFFICE BEFORE YOU CAN CALL AND SCHEDULE YOUR INSPECTION.  YOU CAN ALSO DO THIS BY MAIL, BUT YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT OUR OFFICE AND COMMUNICATE YOUR NEEDS SO THAT THIS IS PROCESSED IN THE CORRECT MANNER.  IF YOU FAIL TO CONTACT OUR OFFICE AND PAY THE FEE, WATER WILL BE SUBJECT TO DISCONNECTION AND FURTHER FEES MAY APPLY.  PLEASE CALL US FOR ANY FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT THE CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY INSPECTIONS AND REQUIREMENTS AT 972-924-3325.