Trash & Recycling Services

Trash Collection: 

Please use the blue 96-gal. polycart for regular household trash. Place the blue 96 gal. polycart curbside & away from the mailbox by 7 a.m. on Tuesday mornings. Except for a maximum of two (2) small Bulky Waste items or Bundles (see below), all regular household trash must fit within the blue polycart.

A maximum of two (2) of any combination of smaller Bulky Waste items or Bundles will be collected during the regular Tuesday pick-up. Small Bulky Waste items and Bundles must be placed curbside next to the polycart and away from the mailbox by 7 a.m. on Tuesday mornings.

Small Bulky Waste: Small Bulky Waste items are not part of regular household trash and may include small appliances, furniture, and other household furnishings or debris. The horizontal and vertical dimensions of a small Bulky Waste item may not exceed four (4) feet in any direction, and the item must weigh less than 50 pounds.

Bundles (Yard Waste): Bundles of tree, shrub and brush trimmings must be securely tied together forming an easily handled package not exceeding four feet in length, and 50 lbs. in weight. No tree trunks or limbs in excess of six inches in diameter. Grass clippings or other trash bags placed outside the polycart will not be picked up.

Don't Bag It: The City supports the Don’t Bag It™ initiative developed by the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension. With the exception of large woody brush, residents can recycle all their organic materials right in their own yards through composting, mulching and grasscycling. By recycling these materials, we’re not just saving our landfill space but also improving our home environment. Organic matter adds valuable nutrients back to the soil, improves the condition of our soils, helps insulate the soil from temperature extremes, and helps plants survive dry periods by holding moisture in our soils.

Recycling Collection: 

Please use the green 64-gal. polycart for the recycling collection. Place the green 64 gal. polycart curbside and away from the mailbox by 7 a.m. on Friday mornings. All recycling must fit within the green polycart provided & must not be bagged. Any recycling polycartthat has regular trash mixed in with the recycling or recycling material that is bagged will not be collected.

DO Place in Recycle Cart:

  • Paper Including - Newspapers, Magazines, Mail, Envelopes, Catalogs, Telephone Books, Computer Paper, Shredded, Paper, Colored Paper, Glossy Paper, Carbonless Forms, etc.
  • Cardboard - Flattened Cardboard Boxes, Index Cards, File Folders, Cereal Boxes, Cracker Boxes, Juice Boxes, etc.
  • Clean Plastic Number 1-7 Containers including - Milk Jugs, Juice Bottles, Water Bottles, Detergent Bottles, Soda Bottles (please rinse and remove caps)
  • Tin Cans and Aluminum Cans (please rinse)
  • Clean Glass Bottles and Jars - clear, brown, green and blue (please rinse)

DO NOT Place in Recycle Cart:

  • Motor Oil, Gasoline, Antifreeze, Freon, Batteries, Tires
  • Paint
  • Cooking Oil
  • Glass from Windows
  • Styrofoam
  • Plastic Bags
  • Pool and Garden Chemicals or Chemical Containers
  • Food Waste
  • Fast Food Containers - Pizza Boxes, French Fry and Chicken Nugget Containers, Soda Cups, etc.
  • Metal - Iron, Cast Iron, Steel, Copper, etc.
  • Compost Materials - Grass Clippings, Branches, Leaves, etc.

Except on the regular collection day, trash and recycling polycarts must NOT be stored in the front yard.

Large Bulky Waste: Collection of large Bulky Waste items (not more than two (2) cubic yards) occurs on the third Friday of each month by appointment only. Residential and commercial polycart customers must call Bradshaw and Son at 972-924-3014 before the third Friday to schedule a Bulky Waste pickup. There is no additional charge for this service.

Bulky Waste includes stoves, water tanks, appliances/white goods, furniture, and other household debris. Refrigerators/Freezers and window A/C units containing Freon must have the Freon removed by a certified technician and tagged with proper certification.

Customers who, for an additional fee, would like to dispose of Bulky Waste material in excess of two (2) cubic yards must call Bradshaw and Son to receive a quotation for collection of the larger quantity.

For questions regarding collection of Bulky Waste, contact Bradshaw and Son at 972-924-3014.

Special Holiday Trash/Recycling Collection:  On the first regular trash pick-up following Christmas Day, residential and commercial polycart customers may place up to two (2) smaller Bulky Waste items (see Small Bulky Waste) & up to six additional securely tied trash bags not exceeding 45 gallons at the curb next to the polycart.

On the first regular trash pick-up following Christmas Day and again on the first regular trash pick-up following New Year’s Day, residential and commercial polycart customers may place live Christmas trees at the curb next to the polycart.

On the first regular pick-up for recyclable material following Christmas Day, residential and commercial polycart customers may place collapsed cardboard boxes at the curb next to the recycling polycart. The number of boxes may not exceed an amount normally expected for a typical residential or commercial polycart customer.

Items NOT ACCEPTABLE for Trash Collection, Recycling Collection or Bulky Waste Collection include: Batteries, Tires, Gasoline, Propane or Propane Tanks, Pool and Garden Chemicals, Motor Oil, Paint, Antifreeze, Freon, Scrap Metal, Bricks, Dirt, Rocks, or Concrete. Attempts to illegally dispose of any of these materials may result in criminal prosecution.

If you have any complaints or concerns, please call City of Anna at 972-924-4510.

If you have general questions regarding trash pickup, please call City of Anna at 972-924-2432

If you want to schedule a bulk pickup, please call Bradshaw & Son's at 972-924-3014