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February 16, 2021

Rescinded: Boil Water Notice for Community Public Water Systems

Below are a few tips to ensure the quality of the water on internal plumbing and appliances:

The cold water system does not need to be flushed to clear any water. If normal water use, bathing, showering, cleaning, etc., has been performed in the last 24 hours, there is no need to flush the system. The bacteriological samples were collected yesterday (February 20, 2021) so the water that was in the systems main lines at that time was considered safe to drink. If you prefer to flush, running water in all faucets for about 3 minutes each will be enough to move water from the main line through the house.

Automatic ice makers should be run for at least 2 full cycles and the ice dumped to ensure the water from the systems main lines has cleared through the ice maker.

There is no need to change filters or appliances at this time. The boil water notice was not distributed due to a contaminant issue. The notice was posted due to pressure related concerns. The filters that are currently used in your home will still work as it had prior to this event.

Boil Water Notice Rescinded Press Release
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