About the Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project - General Information
Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technology is an example of the City of Anna’s commitment to maintaining a high quality of life for our citizens through cost-effective, innovative programs.

The AMI system replaces monthly manual water meter reads with a wireless system that collects multiple remote meter reads per day, allowing for better leak detection, increased billing accuracy, regular billing intervals and improved customer service.

Our community’s drinking water will remain safe throughout the project.

Advanced metering supports the City’s commitment to cost-effective customer service by enhancing our ability to detect leaks; and providing customers with information on water use so that they can manage their water consumption.

As has always been the case, the City of Anna will continue protecting the privacy of utility customer information according to all state and federal laws.

With advanced metering, the same water consumption information is collected that we already collect today, but more efficiently and effectively by relying on advanced technology.

Advanced metering will enable our customer service department to better serve you and answer your questions regarding water usage and billing.
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