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Block Party Permit

  1. Use this form if you do not need the Block Party Trailer.  Please allow 10 working days for a permit. If you need street closures, allow 15 working days as it must be routed through Public Safety.  Contact the Community Enhancement Coordinator at (214) 831-5333 with any questions.

  2. Block Party Information
  3. Noise Ordinances*

    If you are going to have outdoor entertainment you must comply with City and State Noise Ordinances. The City Noise Ordinance # 87-2003 states that outdoor music shall not be heard 50 ft or more away from the party location. This Ordinance also states that there should NOT be any vulgar or foul language that might offend anyone in your neighborhood.

  4. Street Closures

    Please indicate what specific street(s) you would like closed, if any. The Community Enhancement and Compliance Division will contact you shortly regarding the Street Closure Application and signatures that must be completed.

  5. Do you require barricades from the City?

    This does not guarantee that barricades can be made available to you.

  6. Watch your email for the approved permit within the next 15 business days.  If you have any questions please call (214) 831-5333 or email

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