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Exercise Tracking Sheet

  1. Anna Fitness Challenge

    The goal for the City of Anna Fitness Challenge is to engage our neighbors in a wellness journey across Anna. We challenge you to complete 1,913 minutes (in honor of the year Anna was founded) of exercise weekly from June 6 to Sep. 5. To be eligible for the Prize drawing and free t-shirt, your completed tracking sheet must be received by Monday, Sept. 5 at 3 p.m. 

    To be submitted alongside the Community/HOA competition, please write your Neighborhood/HOA name on the tracking sheet. The neighborhood with the most participants will win a prize from Neighborhood Services! 

    Please submit your hours through this form or by printing a paper copy and delivering it to Anna Parks and Recreation at 312 N Powell Pkwy, Anna TX 75409. If you have questions, please contact Leah at

  2. Week of June 6
  3. Week of June 13
  4. Week of June 20
  5. Week of June 27
  6. Week of July 4
  7. Week of July 11
  8. Week of July 18
  9. Week of July 25
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