Streets Division

The Streets division is responsible for providing our citizens with safe and well-maintained transportation and storm conveyance systems. Management of our streets infrastructure includes proactive maintenance, timely repair, and forward planning. These goals are accomplished through effective management and may be measured by our fiduciary financial approach, responsive customer service, and priority mitigation of potential risks to traffic systems.

Recent Traffic Studies

  • SH 5 and Rosamond Parkway (PDF) 
    • Findings: Only Warrant 3 met. 
    • Recommendation: Do another study once the new developments on the north side of Rosamond have more homes and traffic volumes increase.
  • FM 455 and Oak Hollow Drive(PDF)
    • Findings: Findings: Warrant 1B, 2, 3, and 7 met. Signal Required.
    • Recommendation: Install Traffic Signal.
  • SH 5 and Finley Boulevard (PDF)
    • Findings: Findings: Warrant 1A, 2, 3, and 9 met. Signal Required.
    • Recommendation: Install Traffic Signal.
  • FM 455 at Westfield Drive / Willow Creek Drive (PDF)
    • Findings: No Warrants met. 
    • Recommendation: Monitor traffic volumes and reassess if volumes change significantly.

View the Jan. 25 City Council Workshop presentation (PDF).

What are Traffic Signal Warrant Studies?

A traffic signal warrant study reviews 9 critical aspects of an intersection (warrants). This information is then used to determine whether a traffic signal is needed. The warrants include:

1AEight Hour Volume – Minimum Vehicular Volume (70% & 56%)
1BEight Hour Volume – Interruption of Continuous Traffic (70% & 56%)
2Four Hour Vehicular Volume
3Peak Hour
4Pedestrian Volume
5School Crossing
6Coordinated Signal System
7Crash Experience
8Roadway Network
9Intersection Near a RR Grade Crossing

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