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Pre-Test Certification/Inspection Request Form

  1. Anna Fire Department
    305 S. Powell Parkway
    Anna, TX 75409
  2. A pre-test of any system regulated by the Fire Department and that requires acceptance testing or inspection shall be performed without failure. Once the pre-test has been performed, this certification form shall be submitted to the Anna Fire Department prior to the scheduling of any inspections for the regulated system.
    *Note: The Fire Department does not perform partial inspections. Inspections shall be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.
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  4. A fire inspector will contact the person above to schedule the requested inspection.
  5. Failure to appear for a scheduled inspection will result in automatic fines.
  6. Type of Test*
  7. By signing this or providing an electronic signature, I attest that a pre-test has been performed at the above location for the above-named system type. I have found no failures to the system and I further attest that the system will be ready to test at the scheduled time with the Fire Department. I am aware that if the system is not ready to test/inspect, any deficiencies are found, or if any failures occur during the test an acceptance failure will result. If a failure is assigned, a new pre-test shall be performed and a new inspection scheduled after appropriate re-inspection fees are paid.
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