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Golf Cart Ordinance Application

  1. Permit Holder Information
  2. Golf Cart Location
  3. Golf Cart Information
  4. Golf Cart Required Equipment Checklist
  5. Checklist
  6. Permit Required

    A permit is required to operate a golf cart on any authorized public street, parking areas and traffic ways.

    A permit is not required to operate a golf cart on the golf course or crossing form one section of the golf course to another section of the golf course.

    A person who owns, leases or otherwise uses a golf cart shall apply for a permit in accordance with Anna City Ordinance.

    There is no fee for the golf cart permit.

    Each permit holder will be issued two numbered Golf Cart Permits. One decal shall be permanently affixed to the driver side front and one shall be permanently affixed to the driver side back of the golf cart in such a manner that it is visible for 50 feet.

    The permit shall only be placed upon the golf cart for which it is issued.

    The permit becomes invalid if the golf car registered fails to comply with any requirement of the ordinance.

    Permits are valid until there is a change of ownership. The permit holder shall notify the Anna Police Department within ten working days if the golf cart transfers ownership, or the address of the golf carts location changes.

  7. Acknowledgements

    I have read and understand the Anna City Ordinance regarding golf carts.

    I understand that the operator of a golf cart, except a golf cart operated on a golf course or crossing from one section of a golf course to another, is required to have a valid driver license.

    I understand that a golf cart may only be operated on a public street if the maximum speed is 35 MPH or less.

    I understand the maximum speed of a golf cart shall not exceed 30MPH.

    I understand that I must maintain or be covered by current financial responsibility for the golf cart and I must have proof of that financial responsibility.

    I understand that I must comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws.

    I understand that the equipment described in the Equipment Checklist must meet Texas and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

    I acknowledge that while the golf cart is in motion, the driver and every passenger must be seated in a seat designed to hold passengers and that no person may stand up or ride in the lap of the driver while the golf cart is in motion.

    I understand that a golf cart shall not be operated on any sidewalk, pedestrian walkway, jogging path, park trail or any location normally used for pedestrian traffic.

    I acknowledge that the driver of a golf cart operating on an authorized public street may only cross a multi-lane federal, county or state route at an intersection controlled by an official traffic control device which stops traffic from all directions.

    I acknowledge that children must be properly seated and no person younger than 6 years of age may be transported in a golf cart unless restrained by a safety belt restraint.

    I understand that a golf cart may not be operated at night, during inclement weather or when visibility is impaired by weather, smoke, fog, or other conditions that do not allow a person or vehicles to be seen for a distance of 500 feet.

    The golf cart listed in this application complies with the requirements of the City of Anna Golf Cart Ordinance Section 11.04.002(5) (Required Equipment)

  8. Violations

    Any person who operates a golf cart and fails to receive or properly display the permit will be subject to all applicable state laws, in addition to being in violation of this ordinance.

    Any permit may be revoked at any time by the Anna Police Department for convictions for violating any federal, state or local law including the Anna City Ordinance.

    Any person, form or corporation violating any of the provisions of the ordinance shall be subject to the penalty set forth in the Anna City Code of Ordinances Section 1.01.009 and each and every day such violation shall continue shall be deemed to constitute a separate offense.

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  10. By submitting this form, I declare under penalty of perjury that my name and date of birth are true and correct and I am authorized to submit this electronic form. I declare under the penalty of perjury that all the foregoing information is true and correct.

  11. Instructions

    Print this form. Please deliver the completed form to the Anna Police Department Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm or mail it directly to the department:

    Anna Police Department
    Attn: Golf Cart Permit
    120 W. 7th St., 
    Anna, Texas 75409

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