May General and Special Election - POSTPONED TO NOVEMBER 3, 2020

A general election will be held November 3, 2020 to fill Places  3 and 5.  Candidates are elected to a three-year term of office.

A special election will be held November 3, 2020 to fill a vacancy in Place 4.  Candidate will be elected to a two-year term of office.

April 1, the City Council held a special meeting to discuss the special election that was scheduled to take place on May 2. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the City received notification on March 19 from the Collin County Elections Administrator that the County would not be offering the usual contract election services as normally provided by the Elections Department for a May 2, 2020 election. This particular action, though understandable due to the circumstances surrounding the pandemic, put the City of Anna in a precarious position since we were constitutionally obligated to fill the Place 4 seat 120 days after its vacancy, of which took place in late January and that which needed to be filled by the end of May. On Tuesday, March 31, the City of Anna filed a court order seeking judgement for the postponement of the special election until the uniform election date of November 3, 2020.

The City received notice, April 1, of a court order from Judge Thompson allowing the City to postpone its election to November 3, 2020. The City shared the same concerns that the County shared related to holding an election under the current circumstances. At the special meeting, the City Council voted to accept the court order, adopt an ordinance, and officially postpone the municipal election to November 3, 2020.

Candidate Qualifications

According to the City of Anna Charter Article 5, Section 5.02, a City Council candidate must:

  • File for office in accordance with the Texas Election Code;
  • Be at least 21 years of age at the time of the election for which they are filing;
  • Be a qualified voter;
  • Have resided exclusively within the corporate limits of the City, or recently annexed territory, for at least 12 months before the filing date;
  • At the time of filing or while in office, be current in payment of taxes or other liabilities due the City after notice of any delinquency;
  • Not filed, in a single election, for more than one office or position as provided by this Charter; and
  • Comply with all other City Ordinances or resolutions that may be applicable.

The City of Anna Charter can be found as part of the Code of Ordinances.

City Council Members

The City of Anna operates under a council-manager form of government as approved by voters in 2005 through the adoption of the City Charter. The Mayor and six Council Members are elected at-large for three-year staggered terms.

Terms for the City Council Expire as Follows

Mayor, Nate Pike Term 2018-2021
Place 1, Kevin Toten Term 2018-2021
Place 2, Josh Vollmer Term 2019 - 2022
Place 3, John Beazley, Term 2017 - 2020 Deputy Mayor Pro-Tem
Place 4, Vacant Term 2019 -2022
Place 5, Nathan Bryan Term 2017-2020
Place 6, Lee Miller,  Term 2019 - 2022  Mayor Pro-Tem