Fire Station Tours


Tour Guidelines

The Anna Fire Department provides fire station tours to groups upon request. We ask that a minimum of two weeks' notice be provided for large groups. We also request that groups include at least one adult for every four children.

The station will continue operating during these tours meaning that firefighters may be forced to leave for emergency calls. Should this happen during your tour, all visitors must leave the fire station immediately. Your tour may be rescheduled for a later time.

Schedule a Tour

To schedule a fire station tour, please contact our Fire Department Services Coordinator, Stephanie Welch, at 972-924-2143.


We now offer ride-outs to the residents of Anna!

Ride-outs may be scheduled on the second Thursday, Friday, or Saturday of every month (limit 2 riders per shift). The program is available to participants who are age 16 and up with written parental consent. Hours are from 9am to 9pm for a maximum of five hours per ride-out.

Potential riders must turn in a completed application one week in advance of their requested ride-out as well as pass a background check to participate. Application packets are available at the Anna Central Fire Station.