Reservations and Applications

Are you looking to host an outdoor event for your friends and family?  The City of Anna offers beautiful outdoor spaces for rent up to 90 days in advance!

Slayter Creek Park offers two areas that are available to rent.   

  • The Pavilion area is about 100 by 50 feet and will hold about 60 people.  The pavilion has 10 picnic tables as well as power and water fountains.  There is also a shared grill nearby.  Restrooms are located in the baseball field area.     
  • The Gazebo will hold about 20 people and has 2 picnic tables and a power outlet.  Restrooms are located in the baseball field area.

The Gazebo at Natural Springs Park is also available for rent.  The gazebo is close to the second spring area and will hold about 16 people and has 2 picnic tables.  There is also a grill nearby, as well as a power outlet.  Restrooms are located at the park entrance.

There is also a Pavilion at Sherley Park close to downtown Anna.  Next to the pavilion is an inclusive playground, as well as the restored train station.  The pavilion is 40 by 60 and will hold around 40 people.  There is a power outlet.  Restrooms are located near the train depot.

The City of Anna also has ballfields for reservation!  

Follow the links in the green Box above for more information and the reservation form

If you have any questions regarding reservations, rentals or applications please feel free to contact us at 972-924-3325.