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Learn What’s Legal

The City of Anna adopted a City Ordinance on April 25, 2023 and it will be effective on July 1, 2023. Below are a few key points from the ordinance.

  • A golf cart may not be operated on any sidewalk, pedestrian walkway, jogging path, park trail or any location normally used for pedestrian traffic.
  • A golf cart may be operated on a public roadway:
    • If the maximum speed is 35 MPH or less.
    • The maximum speed of a golf cart shall not exceed 30MPH.
    • In compliance with all federal, state and local laws.
    • May only cross a multi-lane federal, county or state route at an intersection controlled by an official traffic control device which stops traffic from all directions.
    • May not be operated at night, during inclement weather or when visibility is impaired by weather, smoke, fog, or other conditions that do not allow a person or vehicles to be seen for a distance of 500 feet.
  • A golf car must have:
    • Two Headlamps
    • Two Tail Lamps
    • Two Front Side Reflectors Amber in Color
    • Two Rear Side Reflectors Red in Color
    • Parking Brake
    • Review Mirror
    • Slow Moving Vehicle Emblem
  • A driver of a golf cart must have:
    • A valid driver's license
    • Proof of financial responsibility as required by other passenger vehicles in Section 601.051 of the Texas Transportation Code
    • Must follow all applicable federal, state, and local laws including regulatory signs and the use of directional or hand signals when making stops and turns.
  • City of Anna Golf Cart Permit Required
    • A permit is required to operate a golf cart on any authorized public street, parking areas, and traffic ways.
    • A permit is not required to operate a golf cart on the golf course or cross from one section of the golf course to another section of the golf course.
    • A person who owns, leases, or otherwise uses a golf cart shall apply for a permit in accordance with Anna City Ordinance.
    • There is no fee for the golf cart permit.
    • Each permit holder will be issued two numbered Golf Cart Permits. One decal shall be permanently affixed to the driver-side front and one shall be permanently affixed to the driver-side back of the golf cart in such a manner that it is visible for 50 feet.
    • The permit shall only be placed upon the golf cart for which it is issued.
    • The permit becomes invalid if the golf car registered fails to comply with any requirement of the ordinance.
    • Permits are valid until there is a change of ownership. The permit holder shall notify the Anna Police Department within ten working days if the golf cart transfers ownership, or the address of the golf carts location changes.

Submit a golf cart permit application form.


The Anna Police Department may issue a traffic citation for any violation of this city ordinance or state law violations regarding the operation of a golf cart.