Notice of Annexation

In accordance with state law, a public hearing must be held for interested persons to provide comments. The public hearings for annexations shall be held during regularly scheduled City Council meetings at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Complex (120 W. 7th Street). Council agendas will list Public Hearings and the agenda packet will provide more detail on the annexation. For more information call 972.924.2616 or e-mail Planning Manager, Lauren Mecke (

The City has received the following annexation petitions:

Annexation Map

View previous annexations by decade and access the associated Ordinances through the city's interactive zoning map. To access, go to our Open Data portal to explore interactive maps and downloadable GIS data from the city.

Aerial image of Anna-121 Apartments Addition Block A Lot 1R Annexation

Anna/121 Apartments Addition, Block A, Lot 1R

Request to annex 11.0± acres located at the southeast corner of Farm to Market Road 2862 and County Road 526.

Scheduled for the October 24, 2023, City Council meeting.

Recent annexations

Within the previous 12 months, the following properties have been voluntarily annexed into the city limits:

Woodland Estates

Request to annex 16.1± acres located on the south side of County Road 427, 530± feet east of County Road 425 (future Leonard Avenue).

Sherley Commercial Annex

Request to amend a planned development (Ord. No. 860-2020) and annex and establish the same zoning allowances on 2.53± acres located on the east side of future N. Standridge Boulevard, 705± feet south of W Rosamond Parkway. 

The Preserve

Request to annex and establish zoning on 56.1± acres located at the northeast corner of U.S. Highway 75 and Collin County Outer Loop Road to Planned Development to allow for a multiple-family residence, community center, private and hotel development with modified development standards.

Map showing the location of the Woodland Estates Annexation property
Sherley Comercial Annexation Location Map
The Preserve Annexation Location Map

The Parks at Hurricane Creek

Request to annex and zone 78.0± acres located on the north side of Farm-to-Market Road 455, 3,830± feet west of Standridge Boulevard to Planned Development-SF-TH Townhome District / C-1 Restricted Commercial.

4877 Sam Rayburn Highway

Annex 0.02± acres & zone 3.0± acres on the north side of Sam Rayburn Highway (S.H. 121), 2,070± feet west of E Farm to Market Road 455 from SF-E Single-Family Residential – Large Lot to C-2 General Commercial.

Parks at HC
4877 Sam Rayburn Annexation & Zoning aerial

Annexation Plan

The City of Anna derives its authority to annex property into the city limits from Chapter 43 of the Texas Local Government Code (TLGC) as prescribed in Section 1.03 of the City’s Home-Rule Charter. Certain types of annexation procedures are required to be included in a formal municipal annexation plan. However, inclusion in an annexation plan is not applicable and is not required if the area being considered for annexation fits into one of the following categories:

(1) the area contains fewer than 100 separate tracts of land on which one or more residential dwellings are located on each tract;

(2) the area will be annexed by petition of more than 50% of the real property owners in the area proposed for annexation or by vote or petition of the qualified voters or real property owners as provided by Subchapter B; (Chapter 43, TLGC);

(3) the area is or was the subject of:

(A) an industrial district contract under Section 42.044 (TLGC); or

(B) a strategic partnership agreement under Section 43.0751 (TLGC);

(4) the area is located in a colonia, as that term is defined by Section 2306.581, Government Code;

(5) the area is annexed under Section 43.026, 43.027, 43.029, or 43.031 (TLGC);

(6) the area is located completely within the boundaries of a closed military installation; or

(7) the municipality determines that the annexation of the area is necessary to protect the area proposed for annexation or the municipality from:

(A) imminent destruction of property or injury to persons; or

(B) a condition or use that constitutes a public or private nuisance as defined by background principles of nuisance and property law of this state.

The City Council adopted a Resolution (PDF) in November 2010 stating that they have reviewed the future expansion needs of the City and determined that, at this time, the City does not intend to annex any territory that is required to be in an “annexation plan” in order to be annexed. The City Council reserves the right to amend the annexation plan in the future. The City will from time to time, consider annexation of areas that are not required to be included in a formal annexation plan.

Proper management of development in the urbanizing areas depends upon annexation and the application of zoning regulations that support the City’s Future Land Use Plan.