City of Anna Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Definition and Process

The Strategic Plan, which outlines a set of actions to accomplishing important projects adopted yearly by City Council, is a living document that staff interacts with and considers in day-to-day decisions and operations. 

These projects and actions support one of four strategic goals for the City: growing the Anna economy, creating a sustainable Anna community through planned, managed growth, making Anna a great place to live, and having a high-performing, professional city. Throughout the year, staff does quarterly check-ins on strategic plan actions and projects progress. This determined interaction with the current Strategic Plan allows staff to continually actualize the vision of the Strategic Plan as set forth by Council and Management, making Anna a more wonderful place to live, work, and play. 

In the Spring of every year, Management reviews the progress made on the past year’s strategic plan projects and Council and staff collaboratively revise and update the strategic plan to meet the community’s ongoing needs. 


The full documents for both the current year and previous year’s strategic plans are listed below.

2021-2022 Strategic Plan

2020-2021 Strategic Plan

 Quarter 1 Update

Quarter 1 Update

 Quarter 2 Update

Quarter 2 Update


Quarter 3 Update


Quarter 4 Update

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